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B. Juris. (Hons). LL.B, PhD

Patron- Natural Resources Law, Oil and Gas Commercial Contracts, Agreements
Dr. Mildwaters is a legal and natural resources expert with degree qualifications from the University of Western Australia and the University of Dundee. He is leading light in the Natural Resources sector. He has worked as a partner in leading Law Firms in Great Britain, Continental Europe and Australia, served as general counsel at Guiness plc and Diageo Plc and a partner in Babcok and Brown Europe- investment bank. 

Currently he is the Managing Partner of Mildwaters Consulting LLP- which specializes in the Natural Resources sector. Mildwaters Consulting LLP currently represents clients with production or exploration activities in Africa (including Nigeria), Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia. The firm also has considerable experience and extensive business and political contacts in all these regions which it leverages to offer superior and unique solutions to its wide portfolio of clients.

Dr. Mildwaters is an internationally renowned expert on natural resources law, joint ventures, joint operating agreements, contract law, mergers and acquisitions. He is an Honorary Lecturer at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy- teaching on Commercial contracts in the Oil and Gas sector; a member of the institute for Energy Law advisory board, Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, the International Bar Association Section on energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure law, the Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Association and others.

A social engineer, Dr. Mildwaters believes in nurturing and mentoring excellent talent in the Energy & Natural resources industry and is passionate about networking among the industry professionals. This is one of the reasons that he has decided to support 'The Mix: Oil and Gas!' as a patron. Be inspired.

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Cert. Petroleum Mangement, Cert. Oil & Gas - mMBA, B.DS, D.DS

Patron- Upstream Exploration and Production
Dr. Ogundare is an Upstream exploration and production consultant and leads the team at Newcross Petroleum Limited- Nigeria, as well as its related ventures. Dr. Ogundare however started his professional career in the health sector before taking up interest in the energy industry. He is an Attending Physiciana Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. 

Apart from his health sector experience in the USA, he has established himself within the Nigerian Energy sector as a positive force for sustainable energy development; Dr. Ogundare is  a Director at Carbon Limits Nigeria- which is currently pioneering with 2 million generated carbon credits as the largest registered CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) project in Africa. He is commited to a reduction of Green House Gas(GHG) emissions in accordance with the UN Kyoto Protocol.

With over 20 years in health sciences and corporate environment, Dr. Ogundare has attended numerous programs and workshops in the field of strategic planning, corporate re-engineering, efficiency management, energy profiling and alternative energy synergies. His major specialties are project development, M & A and corporate structuring. Dr. Ogundare has established a spectacular track record of multidisciplinary excellence and a firm belief in continual learning. This is one of the reasons that he has decided to support 'The Mix: Oil and Gas!' as a patron. Be inspired. 

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CSM, B.Sc. Mining, MBA

Patron- Strategic Management and Natural Resources Business
Mr. Rattray is a business and natural resources professional with special expertise in the maiangement, development and marketing of natural resources education and training. He has extensive experience across a number of sectors including the mining industry, working in various roles including as project manager in a large power station-tied colliery as well as setting up and running his own mining company, which at its height employed more than 200 people. In addition to experience in the mining industry, he has developed a wide range of business consultancy experience and has worked on consultancy projects for a variety of national and international public and private sector business organizations from Day International, NCR, Statoil  and ICL Fujitsu to the UK Cabinet Office, Tayside Police and Scottish Enterprise.

In addition to his industry experience, he has developed a wide ranging experience of working in a variety of roles in Scottish Universities- most recently at CEPMLP and the University of St. Andrews, where he has taken a leading role in the successful development and marketing of specialist natural resource and energy-focused business and management Masters degrees, as well as specialist executive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes- for international natural resource-focused organizations and professionals as well as for government officials and departments. His specialties lie in commercial management, development and promotion of speciality energy and natural resource focused education and training. Rullion Rattray is a member of the institute of learning and teaching and a host of professional bodies. He is currently a Consultant at Garry House Associates. Mr. Rattray is a firm believer in interdisciplinary learning and industry networking. This is one of the reasons that he has decided to support 'The Mix: Oil and Gas!' as a patron. Be inspired. 

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