Saturday, June 30, 2012

WAHALA DEY: The melting Arctic

Green House Gas emissions, carbon taxes, displacement of over a billion people to come due to the melting arctic. Are scientists crying wolf or should we pay more attention to renewable energy- not tomorrow but today? As they say in Nigeria: 'Wahala dey!'

TO KEEP OR NOT TO KEEP: Japan's Nuclear Power Controversy

What with Nations like Germany decommissioning Nuclear power in their energy mix, the likes of France continue to depend majorly on Nuclear power. BUT Japan seems to be sharply divided- courtesy of the Fukushima disaster. Is this a case of economics versus energy security? What is the way forward for Japan?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Inside the BP Graduate Program

BP Plc: Learn more about opportunities at BP: . Laston, a recent BP graduate, shares his recruitment experience and how he's developing personal and professional skills that will last a lifetime.

Dutch researchers 'invent greener fuel'

Dutch University Researchers invent cyclox- a double green fuel; which cuts emissions by half and recycles waste from the paper industry. How much energy research is seeing the light of day in Africa? What is the "commerciality" of this invention?

MINING: Coal, Copper, Gold and the Mongolian Elections

How to ensure transparency in the extractive industries? The Challenge is to optimize the benefits of the resources, escape the resource curse and achieve balanced growth. How easy is that? 

SOUTH AFRICAN VIEW: Opportunities within the Oil Sector

Portfolio Manager form South African Firm- Lentus Asset Management discusses investment opportunities in the World Oil Markets.

WORKING WITH SHELL: A great time to be an engineer!

Shell: "By 2050 the population of the planet will be in the region of 9 billion and the demand for energy will surge accordingly. It's going to take a lot of brain power to come up with solutions to the complex challenges we are going to face in producing the energy required to meet this staggering need. This is why engineering is one of the most exciting careers there is. As we say in Shell 'it's a great time to be an engineer'." 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daniel Yergin on Europe, Iran and Energy Markets to 2030

According to Russia Today: "On the 1st of July Europe will cease importing oil from Iran and new US sanctions will also come into place. To talk about how this will affect the energy market RT is joined by prize-winning author and energy specialist Daniel Yergin". How will recent trends and geopolitical events shape the markets? Watch Daniel Yergin and listen to his take on the trends.

LOCAL CONTENT IN NIGERIA: Ear of an Elephant or Head of a Chicken?

By Feso Bright

I recently had the privilege of attending the just concluded Federal Republic of Nigeria House of Representatives (Committee on Local Content) LOCAL CONTENT SUMMIT at Port Harcourt (25 - 26 June, 2012), Rivers State, Nigeria. The event was supported by the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board- headed by Engr. Ernest Nwapa and the Consultants to the event, Tandice-B Solutions- headed by Hon. Tam Brisibe and Hon. Daemi Kunaiya-Akpana who are industry pioneers in the mission to optimize Nigerian content development. This event was a natural progression from where the industry left off last October with the CWC Practical Nigerian Content conference. My eyes were further opened to the glaring need for Nigerian businesses to trend away from 'Chicken businesses' to 'Elephant businesses'. Let me explain.

Shell Shipping - pushing industry boundaries

With over 1,500 Ships around the world, Shell is the world's largest charterer of ships and a world leader in LNG shipping. Shell's latest video shows the company's global LNG shipping operations, including the world's first Floating LNG vessel.

Shell's approach to managing mine tailings in oil sands operations

Shell: "Oil sands mining generates tailings, a mixture of water, sand, clay and residual hydrocarbons that remain after the bitumen is extracted. Watch this animation to learn more about how Shell is managing this in its oil sands operations". How much of an environmental impact is this?

WORKING WITH BP: Facing the Energy Challenge

According to BP: Learn more about opportunities at BP: . From state-of-the-art technology to high performing teams, learn about the important role BP plays in the world's energy future from Leigh-Ann, Wells Operations Manager for drilling and completion activity across BP's North Sea platforms.

Has Peak Oil Actually Peaked?

Oil has peaked...!!! Ok, it hasn't......OR has it? WSJ's Liam Denning takes a seat on Mean Street to attempt to answer the question, has peak oil actually peaked?

Iran, India reach deal in power sector

This is real progress; know? When people need power how much should geopolitical calculations (such as US-led sanctions) come into play?

Monday, June 25, 2012


Developments in International Oil & Gas | Energy | Extractive Industries


Gas Heads to $3 a Gallon, Experts Say 
We've come through the first weekend of summer to find that the price of gasoline has dropped yet again, on the way to $3 a gallon — or less — by autumn | NCP

Qatar seeks $5bn Chinese investment quota 
Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund is seeking approval to invest up to $5bn in Chinese stocks and bonds, which would make it the biggest foreign investor in China’s capital markets | Financial Times

Nigerian Content now key condition for bid rounds, licenses, permits 
Sweetcrude, Yenagoa - A new partnership being forged by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board and the Department of Petroleum Resources will soon ensure that compliance with Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGIC) Act 2010 by operators and service companies will be a key condition for participating in bid rounds and securing licenses, permits and approvals in the industry | SweetCrude

Total enters partnership MoUs with

Royal Dutch Shell CEO, Peter Voser on Energy, Water and Food

Sustainability on Energy, Water & Food. The way to go? Time to join the bandwagon or time to adopt action based on a deep business sense of beliefs and values?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pakistani traders protest against power outages

How to solve the Power/Energy crisis in Pakistan? Let us start from the systemic causes of shortages: the demand levels...and then the supply factors. Regulatory and Institutional reforms required? Ideas....any one? 

Opening Powering Progress Together forum

The most energy-intensive and food-intensive times in modern history beckon. Smarter Cities on the horizon. Watch Shell CEO Peter Voser and Ahmed Aboutaleb (City of Rotterdam) as they speak on these issues and more. Do we need a crisis to make progress? We need to 'DO IT NOW'....know?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Los Angeles joins fight against coal pollution

Carbon pollution - a danger to human health. Better transport system- metro, buses, rail, etc. Los Angeles wants to take the lead in the fight against pollution. What are the implications for the rest of the United States?

China pumps Iran's oil harder as sanction shutdown looms

Russia Today: "A day after Hillary Clinton declared that China appeared to be curbing its oil imports from Iran, new figures show that those imports are actually at record highs this year. Beijing imported almost 524,000 barrels per day, a 35% jump from the previous month. The rise comes even as the US has asked countries to cut oil imports from Iran and threatened to impose sanctions against financial institutions doing business with Iran's energy sector". How much of a geopolitical juggernaut is Iran within the international oil & gas industry?- Rhetorical question- Answer is obvious; a big one. Any serious impact from the US-inspired oil sanctions? For now, maybe not. Back to the drawing board.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Breakthrough: Using Microbes to Make Advanced Biofuels

More jobs for America.........; What's the economics? How will this drive the prices of commodities like SUGAR? Is Biofuel the way forward?

Special report: The Arctic

Strong Balance Sheets, Technical Expertise and Climate Change. . . . How does The Artic become the next frontier in Oil, Gas and Climate change?

Greenwashing - How Green is Brazil's Hydroelectric Power? | Global 3000

Environmental impact assessment; Chicken and Egg? Do the EIA before embarking on the power project or before? ......or both? What to do next?

Delta to begin refining oil

Is this a case of Delta Airlines as a Trendsetter or that of Innovation gone wrong..?!

Kenya turns to geothermal energy

KenGen is looking to expand Geothermal Energy to 5,000mw by 2030? Ambitious enough?

Opportunities in Kenya's Oil and Gas Sector

 ABN's Hannah Viviers speaks with Mathew Waita, an independent oil and gas expert, to discuss how Kenya can use its energy wealth to grow a new class of home grown energy merchants.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

EI Breakfast Briefing: FUEL POVERTY - is it out of control?

Energy Institute
EI Breakfast Briefing
Tuesday 3 July 2012 
Energy Institute, London

This Breakfast Briefing will consider the growth in fuel poverty since government set targets for its eradication, the nature of the fuel poverty challenge that faces policy makers, what difference the Hills report on fuel poverty should make and how poverty alleviation schemes, energy efficiency programmes and retail market reforms will all be necessary to tackle the increase in fuel poverty levels.

Adam Scorer, Director of Policy and External Affairs, Consumer Focus

Tanzania Finds More Gas CCTV NEWS

According to Toyin Akinosho, Publisher of Africa Oil + Gas Report on : "Nigeria’s Slack And The Rise Of The Rest: Exploration success breaks out all over the African continent, the United States improves its domestic production, but Nigeria struggles.."

China embraces low-carbon future with green technology

According to New Energy Today: China has been working on cutting its carbon emissions for decades. And now the country's efforts are really getting into gear, as the public takes an increasing interest in green technology and their own carbon footprint. Green Energy is currently keenly debated in the U.S.

Chesapeake chairman may not take root. Why?

Reuters: Rob Cox and Breakingviews columnists discuss whether Chesapeake's new yet 73-year old chairman Archie Dunham can rein in Aubrey McClendon's messy leadership.

HOST COUNTRY vs IOC: Types of Stabilization Clause

By Tarek Ghaleb
Freezing provision. 

The freezing stabilization clause is considered to be the most familiar type of the stabilization clause. The freezing clause may limit HC’s (Host Country) sovereignty right, power to issue new legal acts or change the norms of applicable laws with respect to the petroleum project under IPA (International Petroleum Agreement) that contains these stabilization provisions. Thus, the investor may rely upon provided guarantees under the clause that HC will not change or add more obligations within the frameworks of the IPA, because the freezing clause limits the power to change or issue new acts of legislations, which are related to the contractual relationship of IOC and HC, which is based on the IPA. By adding the freezing type of the stabilization clause in to the IPA any changes of issuing new legislation which after the effective date of the IPA will not be applied on the IPA[1]

FOX BUSINESS: Is Green Energy Worth The US Government's Investment?

"There is no green's a fraud"....or is this wrong? The gloves are off over the US Government support for Green Energy. Some are not so happy about Fossil fuels anyway. Is the US Government's support right or should green energy be left to China to dominate?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Developments in International Oil & Gas | Energy | Extractive Industries


Sinopec eyes move for Chesapeake assets 
Sinopec, the Chinese oil and gas group, is considering bidding for billions of dollars worth of assets owned by Chesapeake Energy, the US gas producer | Financial Times

Chinese Business Threatens to Quit Bulgaria's Renewable Energy Sector
Chinese business might quit investing in renewable energy in Bulgaria because of the Bulgarian government's abrupt policy change on green energy, the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry declared in an open letter | Novinite

US crude oil supplies grow by 2.9 million barrels 
NEW YORK (AP) -- The nation's crude oil supplies rose last week, the government said Wednesday | Associated Press

Rio Tinto to spend $4.2bn on

Nigeria's Energy Sector with Samuel Egube

CNBC Africa: For a look at the impact of the falling oil price on Nigeria's oil sector, ABN's Wole Famurewa speaks with Samuel Egube, Divisional Head of Energy at Diamond Bank.

Shell's Jeremy Bentham explains latest energy predictions

Shell has published an update to its 'Energy Scenarios to 2050' document. 'Signals & Signposts' examines how the global financial crisis and move towards recovery has affected energy outlooks. In this video, Shell's Vice President, Business Environment, Jeremy Bentham, explains Shell's latest thinking.

THE FUTURE OF ENERGY: Shell energy scenarios to 2050

Shell: So what will the two worlds described in our scenarios look like? How might the world change in either one? Watch the video and explore the Scramble and Blueprints scenarios.

What will your regional energy scenario be? Are you planning already? Take a cue from Shell; they got it right from the 50's to the 80's....who knows what the future holds? Plan, plan.....Plan!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FOR DOWNLOAD: Extractive Industries Handbook (Introduction)

Download this resource after the jump break

Clean Energy Business Plan Competition

US Department of Energy :The six regional finalists of the National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition pitched their business plans to a panel of judges June 13 in Washington, D.C. The expert judges announced NuMat Technologies from Northwestern University as the grand prize winner.

The business plan competition format is a good way to build capacity, share knowledge, promote innovation and encourage the pursuit of excellence in the industry; know?

Oil & Gas UK - Aberdeen Breakfast Panel Session (Perspectives of the North Sea Indepe...

Panel Discussion at the Oil & Gas UK Aberdeen Breakfast Briefing on the subject of The UKCS - Perspectives of the North Sea Independents

GENERATOR MAN: In Iraq, a Paradox of Plenty (Aljazeera Witness)

"When I was a child I had dreams. I used to dream about being a director of a company or a factory...I used to dream about being an important. When I grew up....I stopped dreaming. Our circumstances, what happened to us....don't give us the chance to dream"- Hadi

According to Aljazeera: Nine years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq's national power grid struggles to provide more than six hours of electricity a day. But now a new type of entrepreneur has sprung up to fill this gap. We follow Hadi, a 'Generator Man' who owns two generators but finds that being on call for hundreds of people all desperate for power means that his life is no longer his own. He wanders the backstreets of Baghdad to talk to some of his customers for whom power - or the lack of it - has become the most important factor in their day-to-day lives. Of the many ironies of post-conflict Iraq this is perhaps the starkest: how a country afloat on a sea of oil and in receipt of $5bn in US investment since 2003 cannot yet guarantee power for its people.

Watch this compelling video. 
With respect to the big picture- How do we escape this 'Oil Curse'; this 'Paradox of Plenty'? However, in the short term, how do we achieve real solutions to the Iraqi power situation? I wish I could proffer some solutions but I realize that I am Nigerian...; as they say, you can't give what you don't have...and power is at the top of that list in my home country.

Monday, June 18, 2012

PWC - EURASIA GROUP: Global Trends Quarterly -->Q2 2012

Click to download after the jump break

Fox Business: Keystone Pipeline A Shovel Ready Project The U.S. Needs?

Eni CEO Talks on Falling Oil Prices Good News

CNN: Bahrain Boosts Oil Production

The Shell Smarter Driver Challenge at Eco-Wheels in Toronto

Shell: The Shell Smarter Driver Challenge Team is making their way across Canada and made a stop in Toronto to attend Eco-Wheels; an event that is all about eco-friendly transportation. The Smarter Driver Team discusses how anyone can realize greater fuel efficiency just by applying smarter driving techniques. To learn more about the Smarter Driver Challenge, visit Learn to be a smarter driver by visiting

Chinese airlines not to submit carbon emission date

NewEnergyToday: Eight Chinese airlines say they will not tell the EU how much carbon dioxide they emitted last year under the bloc's new tax rules. The deadline for providing the information passed on June the 15th.


Developments in International Oil & Gas | Energy | Extractive Industries


Russian oil firms warned of large flaring fines 
Russia’s new resources minister has warned the country’s oil companies they are facing fines of hundreds of millions of dollars for polluting the atmosphere with excess amounts of flared gas | Upstream Online

Japan's LNG demand could reach 88.7 million mt by 2020: report 
Japan's annual LNG demand is estimated to reach 82.4 million mt in 2012, up from 80.1 million mt in 2011, and could reach 88.7 million mt by 2020 if nuclear power is not restarted, a report published by Oxford Institute for Energy studies said Friday | Platts

Shell selling three onshore Nigeria oil blocks 
Shell's Nigeria operation is working on selling three oil blocks in its latest move to divest some onshore assets, a spokesman said on Friday according to a report | Upstream Online

Air quality concerns raised as gas compressor stations multiply 
The number of natural gas compressor stations planned for Northeast Pennsylvania is multiplying as companies lay more pipelines to carry Marcellus Shale gas to customers | The Times-Tribune

East Africa: U.S., Geothermal Firms Partner to

Sunday, June 17, 2012

AUSTRALIA: Gerry Hueston on Carbon Tax and Business

Ten: Gerry Hueston - a former BP executive discusses business impact of the impending carbon tax et al.

AUSTRALIA: Annihilation of the Coal Industry?

 Trade Minister Craig Emerson is guest on Channel ten and is asked about the 'annihilation of the coal industry' and whether Labor still backs carbon capture and storage technology.

Indian technology turns waste into energy

"Despite being the world's fifth largest producer of power, more than 400 million people in India continue to live without electricity. In Bihar province, where 80 million are left without power, the husks that coat and protect grains of rice are being used to power up to 400 homes at a time. An innovative technology that burns piles of rice husks in a gas chamber converts what would have otherwise been wasted into much-needed energy. The electricity produced from the husks is cheaper - sold for three dollars per month, less than a quarter of the cost of government connections - and burns cleaner than kerosene."

Saturday, June 16, 2012

OIL OF FAME: The 7 Newest Faces on the Community

Visit our Oil of Fame page and check out the profiles of the 7 newest faces on the community. 
- View their professional profiles
- View the articles and papers that they have written
- Feel free to contact us if you need to get in touch with them directly on relevant subject matter

Visit Page for more profiles:

Shape policy | Aid discussion | Share from your knowledge
Send your articles, papers, dissertations and professional profiles to :

Ghana Oil Club: Networking BBQ!!

For Ghana Oil Club Members Only!!!

Energy Institute Practical workshop: Excel analysis of oil, gas and power supply chains

Energy Institute

** Now includes demonstrations with Excel Add-in Crystal Ball This course provides hands-on instruction for building, developing and applying spreadsheet economics, risk, finance and decision evaluation models to a range of projects from the oil, natural gas and power supply chains.
EI Individual member
Join now... £ 3000.00 (£ 3600.00 inc. VAT)

Non member £ 3200.00 (£ 3840.00 inc. VAT)

Scottish Oil Club: "Annual Golf Outing"

Golf Outing 2012, 
Crieff Golf Club
Thursday, 16 August 2012, 10 a.m.
Please make your finalised booking before Friday, 27 July 2012.
Crieff Golf Club, Ferntower, Perth Road, Crieff, PH7 3LR .

The event will be teams of three (three-ball) playing Stableford for individual and team prizes. Prize categories include Lowest Individual (for the Edinburgh and Leith Oil Club Trophy), Lowest three Teams, Nearest Pin, and Longest Drive. Prizes are provided by the Scottish Oil Club and contributing members. Individuals who book will be assigned to teams.

Menu: Breakfast: Hot rolls, coffee, tea, etc. Dinner: TBD

Wine: Included with Dinner

Cost: £80.00 inclusive of VAT. (If vegetarian meal required, please order at time of booking).

FINANCING GAS PROJECTS IN GHANA: Do the Ghanaian Banks have what it takes?

By Adwoa Oye Acquaiye
The advent of oil production in commercial quantities in Ghana requires the appropriate infrastructure to ensure the efficient operation of the oil industry. In the past years however, financing of such projects have been funded by grants and loans from foreign investment banks and multilateral agencies. With a 90% local content target by 2020, it is expected that Ghanaian Banks will play a major role in financing the oil and gas sector. After difficult transition of insolvency, illiquidity, credit rationing and interest rate controls, the banks in Ghana have been strengthened by better regulation. This paper assesses the banks operating in Ghana and their capacity in financing energy projects using the Jubilee Gas Field Development Project as a case study. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

UGANDA Bunyoro MPs: Museveni is gagging Oil Debate

Lawmakers hailing from Bunyoro region are threatening to withdraw their support to the NRM if government fails to address their concerns over oil. In a media briefing held at parliament this afternoon, the MPs are concerned over a statement made by President Museveni during the Empango celebrations through the First Lady Janet Museveni that they should concentrate on farming instead of discussing oil.

The Waynoka "family" and Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake: In the small, northwestern Oklahoma community of Waynoka, residents are like family. Chesapeake Energy is proud to be a member of this family, living and working with the proud people of Waynoka, alongside the beautiful Little Sahara State Park.

Subsidy Probe in Nigeria: Change Management gone Sour?

To what extent can the organized business sector 'force' or 'resist' change? Subsidy Fraud Probe Committee Chair Suspended for the House of Representatives

BP Summer Big Screens

This is free and it's a great thing.....or do you think otherwise? Great concept.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Welcome to Nigeria Oil & Gas Technology 2012 (NOGTech) – A visit to NOGTech 2012 provides you with everything you need to:
- reduce project costs
- increase business development
- improve efficiency
- enhance project safety & security.

Meet with industry professionals & consultants from leading international oil companies, service providers & equipment suppliers. All of whom will be showcasing the latest technology, operations and services Nigeria has to offer – you’re certain to walk away with the tools you require to excel in your next project. 


Nigeria: New Electricity Tariff

A new electricity tariff regime, according to plans by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, began on the first of June. Authorities say the new tariff plan will reposition the power sector for expected efficiency. However some members of the public are unsure of government's sincerity.

Turning Tiny Microbes Into Fuel Factories

Special Correspondent Tabitha Soren speaks to UC Berkeley Professor Jay Keasling about using microbes to make renewable energy

BP's Chief Economist Christof Ruhl on World Energy 2012

BP Plc: Christof Ruhl, Group Chief Economist, BP, gives an overview of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, published annually each June. Here, Ruhl summarizes how global events impacted energy consumption, production and generation in 2011. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan shut down Fukushima nuclear power plant. The Arab Spring caused the highest oil prices ever, which exceeded $100/barrel for the first time. Crude oil produced by OPEC made up for losses in Libya. Asia, including India and China, relied on natural gas and coal to replace the losses in nuclear output. US made huge gains in shale production. To read the full Stats Review, visit

The Lagos Oil Club Q+A with Seye Fadahunsi

The June Edition of The Lagos Oil Club Question & Answer Sessions comes up on Monday, June 25th 2012.

Our Guest speaker for June is SEYE FADAHUNSI, Executive Director – Pillar Oil Limited (Operators of Umuseti/Igbuku Marginal field) is the Guest Speaker for June Edition of The Lagos Oil Club Q+A Session.

He will be speaking on the topic: ‘Marginal Field Acquisition, Funding and Development: Do’s and Don’ts from a Hands-on Perspective’

403489 10150991163578438 620078437 13137936 754494790 n
Mr. Seye Fadahunsi is a distinguished oil and gas professional with over 25 years’ experience in oil and gas industry. He co – founded Pillar Oil Limited, the third company in the Marginal Field Class of 2003 to reach first oil. He is also the founder of the E & P consulting firm, Energy and Mineral Resources Limited (EMR) and the current Vice-President of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE).


Solving the global warming crisis with paper

PRESS TV: Researchers in the Netherlands say they've created a new kind of diesel fuel from paper waste --- they say it produces less than half the emissions petroleum diesel produces. The new type of fuel is called Cyclox. It burns more slowly than diesel. This allows oxygen to mix with the fuel longer and as a result burn up the fuel completely which means: less emission. The researchers say---with the new fuel, belching car fumes may soon be a thing of the past.

The Future Of Energy

Sawdust fuel?

Ten: An Australian company is close to striking a deal to build a commercial plant producing bio-crude that could power cars, planes and trucks

A green future for Denmark :When it comes to renewable energy, Denmark is aiming high. By 2020 the country hopes 50 per cent of its energy will come from wind power and by 2050 transport and electricity should be powered by green energy.

Chevron: 25 Years of Strides Against AIDS

Chevron: To learn more about how Chevron fights AIDS, visit: Chevron employees have been a part of AIDS Walk San Francisco since its inception, and at the 25th annual event on July 17, 2011, Team Chevron walkers and volunteers numbered in the hundreds. We walked in remembrance of colleagues and loved ones lost to the disease and in celebration of the strides we have made against it. Executive Vice President of Policy and Planning Rhonda Zygocki delivered opening remarks at the event, which benefits the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and other Bay Area AIDS service organizations.

Introducing: the Smarter Driver Challenge

Shell: The Smarter Driver Challenge aims to set a world record for fuel efficiency by driving across Canada from Halifax, N.S. to Vancouver B.C. In order to do so, the Smarter Driver Team will be using a 2012 Volkswagen Passat, regular Shell bronze fuel and most importantly, smarter driving techniques to improve fuel efficiency. Follow the Smarter Driver Team on Twitter @Shell_Canada or on Facebook Meet the team by visiting

VIDEO: Iran and Saudi Arabia jockey for OPEC position

Aljazeera: OPEC, the group that controls 40 percent of the world's oil, is trying to decide on its next leader. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia want their candidates in the top position. The last time the Secretary General position came up the deadlock lasted 3 years. But that's not all they're arguing about at their meeting in Vienna.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Developments in International Oil & Gas | Energy | Extractive Industries


Turkey looks to Libya for oil 
ANKARA, Turkey, June 13 (UPI) -- The Turkish government announced it landed an oil supply deal with Libya after opting to cut back on crude oil deliveries from Iran | UPI

Nigeria’s labour insists on full implementation of subsidy probe report 
THE Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has warned that the bribe scandal currently rocking the House of Representatives probe of the fuel subsidy regime should not in any way stop the implementation of the report authored by the Farouk Lawan probe committee | Sweet Crude

AFPM Sues EPA Over Cellulosic Ethanol Mandate 
The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) and the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) filed a lawsuit today with the D.C. Circuit Court challenging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decision to require refiners to blend cellulosic ethanol or pay the agency for waiver credits "due to the inability to blend these non-existent fuels under the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)," | OPISnet

Saudi under OPEC pressure to prevent oil price collapse 
VIENNA (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia came under pressure on Wednesday from fellow OPEC producers to cut oil output to prevent a further slide in crude prices | Reuters

Saudi-led group close to win Moroccan

UGANDA: Oil Probe MPs propose harsh penalties for graft

: : Any Minister, Government technocrat or investor who will negotiate an oil deal that could potentially cause financial loss to the Government could be liable to life imprisonment or even face the death penalty. This was among the key proposals made by MPs on the Natural Resources Committee while scrutinizing the Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production Bill 2012. In their report that will be presented to the whole House soon, the MPs also want to introduce a proposal to enable MPs to amend other corruption related laws to enable such penalties to be extended to all Government sectors.

The Smarter Driver Challenge battles headwinds

Shell: This is the first day of driving for the Smarter Driver Team. Watch them as they take on heavy headwinds just outside of Fredericton, N.B. Using fuel efficient, or smarter driving techniques, the Smarter Driver Team proves you can still have great fuel efficiency even when the wind is not at your back. Get introduced to the Smarter Driver Challenge by visitinghttp:// Follow the Team's progress on Twitter @Shell_Canada and on Facebook http://

CNPC's oil "silk road" to Kazakhstan

NewEnergyToday: China National Petroleum Corporation, also know as PetroChina, is under the spotlight as we bring you the story of it connecting a new "silk road" of oil.
The state-owned energy provider headed west to Kazakhstan and entered a joint venture called CNPC-International Aktobe Petroleum in 1997. But the company faced a series of tough challenges.

Nigeria's Power Sector with Tonye Cole

( Nigeria's power sector is currently undergoing a substantial overhaul with renewed commitment coming from the nation's power ministry in the form of a one hundred million dollar credit line aimed at further supporting the sector. ABN's Keisha Gitari spoke with Tonye Cole, CEO of Sahara Energy, to get his thoughts on the recent developments taking place within the sector and the role the private sector is playing

Gulf Coast Helicopter Tour with Mike Utsler, President of BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization

Mike Utsler, President of BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, gives a helicopter tour of the Gulf Coast region—flying over Mississippi, Barrier Islands, Mobile, Alabama, Dolphin Island, and the Florida Panhandle to witness the environmental and economic progress that's being made. It's been two years since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April 2010, but BP is still honoring its commitment to support tourism, seafood industries, as well as to process legal claims that affect the businesses and governments on the local, state and national levels. For more on BP's commitment to the Gulf, visit or

Chevron We Agree: Shale Gas Needs To Be Good for Everyone

Chevron: Energy companies develop natural gas from shale? Only if it's done right. Chevron believes shale gas is a valuable energy source, but it needs to be developed safely. We've learned how to reach natural gas and extract it while protecting the environment around it. For more information about shale gas development, visit:

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2012

According to British Petroleum: "The BP Statistical Review of World Energy provides timely and objective data about energy economics. Used by media, academia and world governments, the BP Statistical Review has been published every year since 1951. This info-video is a summary of the 2011 data, showing the shifts and trends of energy consumption, nuclear power generation and oil production, as well as renewable energy sources in both OECD and non-OECD economies. Find out what happened in global energy in 2011, from China surpassing the U.S. as the largest generator of power, to the increase of coal consumption. For the full report of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, visit".

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Nigerian Navy and the Enforcement of Anti-Bunkering Laws

By Ogunnusi Morolake Afolasade

Having previously discussed the legal regime on bunkering in Nigeria, and the necessity for approval based on obtainment of license from the Minister of Petroleum Resources , it is equally important to discuss the agencies involved in the enforcement of these laws in order to prevent illegal oil bunkering. 

Enforcement of the laws on bunkering: 
The enforcing bodies that would be considered as regards the enforcement of laws relating to oil bunkering are the Nigerian Navy (NN) and the Police.

The role of the Nigerian Navy in coordinating the enforcement of laws relating to Anti-bunkering: 

Armed Forces Act 1993[1] Section 1 (3) states that the Armed Forces (which consists of the “Army”, “Navy” and “Airforce" shall be charged with the defence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on land, sea and air and with other duties as the National Assembly may from time to time prescribe or direct by an Act. Furthermore, it is important to note Sec 1(4)(a)(i)[2] which “states that notwithstanding the generality of the provisions of subsection (3) of this section, the Nigerian Navy shall in particular be further charged with coordinating the enforcement of all customs, laws including anti-bunkering laws, fishery and immigration laws of Nigeria at sea”.