Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. On behalf of the team I welcome you to a new and exciting month on 'The Mix: Oil and Water!'. This is a month that holds promise and to whet your appetites I have decided to start the month by highlighting the features of the community and by giving a preview of the content planned for the month.

This month will witness the addition of at least 6 new names and faces to our Oil of Fame while we will continue with topics from some of our existing Oil of Famers. Ephraim Kuno will take us on an analysis of the future impact of increased exportation of Liquefied Natural Gas on World Energy Markets, Nkaepe Etteh will feature with a tour of Default Provisions under a Joint Operating Agreement and relief against forfeiture, Amaka Ararume will take us on an a journey into Decarbonising the Transport Sector of France,
Ifeanyi Aloh will give us an insight into Problems with Contract Enforcement; the Operator as Undisclosed Principal, Tochie Asogwa will lead us to explore the prospects of Biofuel as an Alternative Fuel. We have more Oil of Famers and they will feature as the month progresses.

Existing Oil of Famers will continue with their reviews of topical issues. Liang Peng wraps up his assessment of the Renegotiation clause by taking a look at the ways to achieve Economic Equilibrium, Gbolade Okeowo continues the discourse on the most admired company of 2011- Occidental, Abiodun Musa will also conclude her analysis of Mexico Oil giant- PEMEX. Mabel Imoh Gab-Umoden will finish her analysis of fiscal regimes and lead us into an exciting tour of the Local Content dimension in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. Exciting times indeed!!!

One of our patrons Dr. Bolaji Ogundare will feature with an article on: CDM: Relevance to Nigeria.

We select and post some of the most topical issues which generate discourse and further our understanding of  Strategy, Economic policy, Oil & Gas, Energy, Extractive and Natural Resources. Our target is to get about thirty (30) to forty (40) of these into the community. 

We will strive to comb the world wide web in order to bring you the TOP News that address real issues in the Energy, Oil & Gas, Extractive and Natural Resources Industries. Our focus is to highlight the major topical news items in Europe, North America, Africa, China, Australia, South-West Asia and the Middle East. This is not to say that news from other regions will not be in the radar.

We will bring you four (4) select photographs with accompanying poetry. The poetry seeks to engage the viewer to appreciate the ART, yet to find meaning in the topic through the expression and unique definition of the mastery in the Art. Joanna Rae is our Photography Artist and has partnered with us from inception.

Expect to get four (4) weekend digests this month- giving you summaries of the week's posts and information on the best read articles for the week and all time.

We have analysts on the community who give us the benefit of their expertise in various fields of knowledge. We currently have 5 analysts on the community. Look out for Zaheer A. Shaikh, Bimbo Shode & co. Also our team members chip in with their features on the site. Look out for Arinola Akinyemi's articles on the environment.

Ladies and Gentlemen. This community is yours. Gain as much as you can. Let us have some good quality discourse as well. Remember to Read | Learn | Discuss | Share !!!

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